Cesarean Scar Release Therapy

Our holistic and innovative Cesarean healing program will help you heal and feel better, from the inside out.

Impact of Scar on the Body

C-section scar can come with traumatic feelings and emotions, which can activate sympathetic stress. This results in impaired healing as the surrounding muscles are tightened and blood flow to the area is restricted.

Persistent Cesarean scar pain and tightness severely impact abdominal strength and posture, and can lead to chronic hip and back pain. Scar adhesion can also cause bladder urgency and pelvic pain with sex (dyspareunia).

What is Cesarean Scar Release Therapy?

C-Section Scar Release Therapy utilizes Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS), which is approved by Health Canada and FDA. The devices apply brief and concentrated micro-current directly to the scar area. You will experience minimal pain, or sometimes none, during the session.

The treatment can help accelerate the healing process, decrease pain and tightness sensation at the scar. C-Section Scar Release Therapy was featured on Today’s Parents.

Benefits of the C-section Scar Release Program

At InvigoPhysio, we take a holistic approach to treat and heal Cesarean scar. We not only focus on alleviating the scar pain, but also on restoring your abdominal strength and function. You will receive an individualized core exercise program, designed based on your personal wellness goal.

What to Expect

During your first C-Section Scar Release session, our expert physiotherapist will:

  • Have a thorough conversation to get to know you, your birth story, current concerns and wellness goals.
  • Perform a detailed assessment of your scar mobility and sensation, core strength, abs separation (DRA) status, and postural alignment.
  • Explain the cause of your pain or concern, and how to manage it effectively.
  • Work with you to establish your treatment goals and develop a realistic plan to help you achieve them.
  • Start your healing journey with a Cesarean Scar Release treatment and individualized core exercises.

Restore your strength with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend to start the treatment at 6 weeks post-partum, or whenever you feel ready.

The frequency and duration of the program will depend on many factors such as degree of trauma on the scar, history of infection, prior C-section history. Your physiotherapist will discuss with you at the end of your initial appointment.

Yes, definitely. We even treat C-section scars that are 10 years old.

Yes! Most Ontario extended health benefit plans, which already cover in-person physiotherapy services, will cover this service as it is provided by a registered physiotherapist.

Still have questions? We’re happy to connect with you! 

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Our evidence-based and client-centred approach to physiotherapy will help you bounce back from your injury. You deserve the expert care and experience that you need to recover and feel better.

Optimize your Cesarean healing and feel stronger today.

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