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This month, we recognize there are many moms, and soon-to-be moms, who are faced with feelings of anxiety as Canada changes because of COVID-19. Pregnant woman should be even more informed about their birth experience and health than ever before. Knowing what you can expect during your delivery can help you feel more prepared and comfortable. During this challenging time, services such as those provided by Coach House Consulting right here in Toronto is important for women who are planning to give birth in a hospital. For this reason, we are delighted to feature a guest blog from registered nurse and dedicated Toronto mom, Sam Hoffman, owner of Coach House Consulting.

Guest Post by: Coach House Consulting

Hi! I’m Sam. I’m a practicing labour and delivery nurse with over 7 years of experience in women and infant’s health. I’m also a mom of a toddler so I understand the challenges of being a new parent. Through my nursing expertise, and my first-hand experience of going through pregnancy and becoming a new mom, I found myself uniquely positioned to provide educational programs to pregnant women and their partners.

Coach House Consulting is a pregnancy and postpartum education business aimed at educating women and their partner and empowering them to make informed decisions during the pregnancy and into their parenthood journey. We use the most up-to-date evidence-based research available paired with first hand parenting experience. 

Bump to Baby Program

Our core program is the Bump to Baby. This program starts as early as 28 weeks pregnant and goes until 6 weeks postpartum. The program includes custom made guidebooks and private educational meetings tailor-made for women and their partner’s unique needs and health profile. 

Coach House Consulting’s values 

When working with clients I provide empathetic, one-to-one care. I encourage women and their partner to advocate for themselves. I strive for optimal health outcomes for both women and their baby through evidence-based information and practical advice. Lastly, I provide custom care because I recognize that every pregnancy, baby and parent is unique. 

What’s different about the Bump to Baby program compared to other prenatal classes? 

My program is unique compared to your typical prenatal class. We are trying to improve (you can say “disrupt”) the way prenatal classes have been done for a long time. 

  • I provide one-on-one meetings with women and their partner so they could feel comfortable asking questions that may be uncomfortable to ask in a group setting. We address what is important to you based on your unique set of circumstances.
  • Each client receives a custom guidebook. These 30+ page documents contain all you need to know to prepare for labour, birth and postpartum. These guidebooks are a great reference to use when you have questions or concerns leading up to your baby’s birth. The guidebooks also contain community resources for breastfeeding support, pelvic physiotherapy and postpartum exercise keeping you connected and informed. There’s no need for frantically scribbling notes in class, and the information is always there when you need it.
  • I am available to clients via email support from the start of the program until 6 weeks postpartum for any questions or concerns my clients may have. Unlike attending a class or two, our programs have multiple touch points and continuous access to support, ensuring you have ample time to process and understand the information, as well as address any questions you may not have thought of a few months back.

I started this business because I believe women and their partner deserve an alternative to traditional prenatal classes.

I also feel that as someone who is currently working in the Canadian medical system, I have a unique ability to help people. I want women and their partner to be competent at navigating our medical system and the resources available within their community. 

Ultimately, my hope is that Coach House Consulting empowers pregnant women and their partner to feel supported, connected, informed and ready to become parents. 

I look forward to being a trusted resource for your pregnancy to parenthood journey!

Sam Hoffman is a registered nurse and Toronto mom who, through Coach House Consulting, offers a pregnancy and postpartum education business aimed at educating women and their partner and empowering them to make informed decisions during the pregnancy and into their parenthood journey. If you are interested in a free 15-minute phone consultation, visit Sam or email Sam directly at 

Note to our readers: This article is an op-ed. The views expressed below and by the author do not necessarily reflect the views of InvigoPhysio. Claims, assertions, options and quotes have been kindly sourced exclusively by the author.
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