Pilates & Yoga

Our movement retraining program incorporates elements of Pilates and Yoga to address not only muscle strength and flexibility but also build up your mental resilience.

Pilates & Yoga Therapy

Movement retraining is an essential part of rehabilitation. At InvigoPhysio, we integrate various elements of Pilates and Yoga to help you effectively reconnect with the inner core system and improve the movement patterns for long lasting physical changes.

How do I Benefit from Pilates?

Pilates requires concentration and focus as you move your body through a specific exercise sequence with precise body placement, rhythm and breathing pattern. There is a strong emphasis on integrating the deeper core muscles into the movements with control and coordinating various major muscle groups that are necessary for daily functions. Many of our clients with long standing low back and hips pain have benefited from this therapeutic approach. Pregnant and post-partum mothers also benefit greatly from Pilates to help them with regaining core control.

How do I Benefit from Yoga?

Regular Yoga practice has been shown to produce many health benefits such as normalization of blood pressure and stress reduction. If you recently discover Yoga and want to get guidance on how to build a safe and injury-free practice, getting a movement assessment to better understand your body is beneficial to your practice. If you are already a serious Yogi and currently suffering from a Yoga injury, we can work with you to modify your practice and supplement it with holistic rehabilitation program for a strong recovery.

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